1999 WILDFIRE – BROCKHAMPTON (lyrics) | brockhampton lyrics | The best newly released music

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1999 WILDFIRE – BROCKHAMPTON (lyrics) | Newly updated best music

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1999 WILDFIRE – BROCKHAMPTON (lyrics) and information related to this topic.

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  1. Martin had a dream for a nigga like me to show up like this
    Why you gotta hate? Looking at my pace
    With your face screwed; hope it get stuck like this
    Never even cared to appear or adhere my career
    Trust me, you don't gotta touch my shit
    Pulling every card out the cuff, no bluff is enough to discuss
    I won't be the one to rush that shift
    Couldn't crush my gift even if I'm in a thousand pieces
    Listening to menaces that pledge allegiance
    To my every weakness, why they spreading secrets?
    Called my dreams facetious, bet they can't believe this
    Or they act like the world shoulda knew about me
    All I know is they wanted to move without me
    How they used to doubt me, but you can’t renounce me
    Like la, la, la, la

  2. thank you so much! the in the other lyrics video for this song that i seen the text was really hard to read and some of the lyrics were wrong ;(
    but this is much better, idk why it doesn’t have more views

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