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20 Country Songs With 3 Chords | You can find all the song chords here

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good old days chords and images related to this topic.

20 Country Songs With 3 Chords

20 Country Songs With 3 Chords

20 Country Songs With 3 Chords and information related to this topic.

There are so many songs in American music with only 3 chords. Learning how to hear the difference between these chords and the way they sound and feel to you is the key to learning to play music by ear. Using an integral link to my past, I come up with a list of 20 country western songs to help you learn how to do just that.

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Aimee Nolte

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20 Country Songs With 3 Chords.

good old days chords.

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31 thoughts on “20 Country Songs With 3 Chords | good old days chords | Website providing Australia’s #1 song chords”

  1. 1. 8:51 – I walk the line
    2. 9:14 – Your cheating Heart
    3. 9:45 – It wasnt god who made honky tonky angles
    4. 10:10 – Blue Moon of Kentucky
    5. 10:29 – I M Moving On
    6. 10:45 – Four Walls
    7. 11:08 – Help me make it through the Night
    8. 12:02 – King of the Road
    9. 12:37 – Oh Lonesome Me
    10. 12:58 – The Gambler
    11. 13:20 -I Fall to Pieces
    12. 13:51 – Coat of Many Colors
    13. 14:15 – Folsom Prison Blues
    14. 14:41 – One's on the Way
    15. 15:13 – When my Blue Moon turns to Gold Again
    16. 15:40 – Have i Told You Lately that i Love You
    17. 16:10 – Blue Eyes crying in the Rain
    18. 16:39 – Jambalaya
    19. 17:00 – Kiss an Angel Good Morning
    20. 17:19 – Cold Cold Heart.

    Here's the timestamps for this video. Comment or reply below if i had put any of her track wrong!πŸ™ƒ
    Also Aimee, hi ma'am, could you please make a video on list of few good Country Rock fusion tracks!! I mean a list if Country Rock music songs which are good yo learn tyr blues country and rock music genres please. I request you whole heartedly, ma'am please make a video on it. It will be very helpful!

  2. The gambler has 3 chords with 3 key changes …..it also requires tuning your guitar down half a step… then its key of E – (E, A, D), F – (F, Bb, and C), G – (G,C,D)…..So its technically a 6 chord song……sorry.

  3. I love the old classic country music.i only wish you had showed your hands in the birds-eye view while playing the piano.wish you would do more video like this

  4. I know this video is almost 3 years old, but thank you for sharing your grandparents at the end. My heart is full of love, and my eyes are watering.

  5. So great to hear your story, I guess that everyone has a story to tell, and music plays a big part in that story. I am not from the United States, but recognise so many of those country hits. My father came from the Pacific Islands, and fell in love with the likes of Elvis, Buddy Holly, and even Charlie Pride, he had never heard Western music before he left the Islands, but of course now thinks that the music from the 50's and 60's in his mind was the greatest music ever written, and loves singing these songs in his less than perfect and broken English.

  6. Lovely, i grew up with all that songs you sang. Am a tone deaf person..amaze with those who can sings and play any instruments. Hi there Ron & Eco..

  7. You seem so genuine and sweet. My whole family play music. I thought I was looking at a guitar tutorial. But to hear your backstory we're just enough for me. Keep up the good work. May you bless a many of generations with your beautiful music to carry on …….😊

  8. Thanks for proving that one doesn’t need to be a classical virtuoso to make good music and have a great time. Without realising it, you have probably encouraged a few viewers to learn the basics of music. Cool!

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