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Hopsin – ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 9 | hopsin facebook | The best newly released music

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Hopsin – ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 9 | Newly updated best music

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Hopsin – ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 9 and information related to this topic.


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hopsin facebook.

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30 thoughts on “Hopsin – ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 9 | hopsin facebook | The best newly released music”

  1. Yes lets blame the mother .

    Dead beat.

    Im a father of 3 .
    1 is a step child.

    Never blamed the mother, but what’s a mother to do when dad ain’t show up?

    You gotta literally kill me to keep me separate from my kids.

    Whats stopping you?

  2. First time i listened to this song i was with two of my homies and i just started breakin down crying in front of them because of my situation and how much i related. Hopsin will always be in my top artists

  3. This is all too common and happens too often. My child is not a weapon or a tool but is used to hurt me and her it's ridiculous petty and just plain not necessary. People tell me I just should be grateful I see her but you know what the time I have is not enough considering I'm less than 3 miles from her. People talk about equal rights. More needs to be done for the father's rights without having to spend a fucking fortune in court cost. Glad you finally starting to see you soon hopsin I hope you both build a strong bong together. Love your music

  4. "I can't lie I wish she did abort…" Dude what the f**!? There's honesty and then there's s** you should never say to your God damn kids. Jackass. You trying to make sure he has the same emotional problems you do? And you threatened to assault his mother in a song written for him, well a song that you say is written for him? More like you wrote it for you. You know better than this.

  5. This song has hit home with me since the day it dropped, but I am happy to say I will hopefully get to see my boy after almost 4 years of hardly getting to see him 🙏🏽

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