How to (Actually) Create the Prismizer Effect | bon iver reddit | The best newly released music

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How to (Actually) Create the Prismizer Effect | Newly updated best music

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bon iver reddit and images related to this topic.

How to (Actually) Create the Prismizer Effect

How to (Actually) Create the Prismizer Effect

How to (Actually) Create the Prismizer Effect and information related to this topic.

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00:00 — Introduction – Free Mastering Sample
00:23 — Free Mastering Sample
00:40 — What is the Prismizer Vocal Effect?
03:27 — How to Create the Prismizer Effect in a Studio Setting
06:22 — How to Create the Prismizer Effect in a Live Setting
09:34 — Conclusion – Free Mastering Sample






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How to (Actually) Create the Prismizer Effect.

bon iver reddit.

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22 thoughts on “How to (Actually) Create the Prismizer Effect | bon iver reddit | The best newly released music”

  1. There is no such thing as "the prismizer" effect. It's just lingo/jargon created by engineers that wanted to preserve the secrets of their production. It's literally just a harmonizer and virtually every native pitch shifter plugin can do it – just enable Formant settings in your pitch correct. Alternatively, download a harmonizer plugin. Done. No need for mystification, no need for intentionally vague description. It's just a harmonizer.

  2. Amazing video! Great content. I remember I was trying to figure it out a while ago and I've come up with a totally different method which I found good but this one seems to be more accurate. And Autotune goes first in the chain for sure!

  3. Great video, thank you! One thing I can’t seem to get around while using the harmony engine in midi Omni mode is that it always randomly assigns the notes to a particular harmony channel, even if I play them in one at a time. The resulting effect still sounds cool but means you often get notes jumping up and down octaves and between left and right when there’s panning involved. Any ideas if there’s a way around this?

  4. Without knowing what the effect sounds like this video is quite useless. I see you have a little price scheme going however I feel I've lost 10min of my life waiting to hear an audio example 🙂

  5. I've also had the same success by using Izotope Vocal Synth 2, on "MIDI" mode. I play chords as MIDI using a keyboard first with any regular sound. Usually I use an EP, or something. Then I record a vocal layer of me singing a generic melody line, or whatever I want to make a harmony out of and call it "VOCAL 1". The trick here is: you then create a new instrument track and use Vocal Synth 2 as the VST, use it as "MIDI MODE", drag MIDI info into the new Vocal Synth track, and sidechain it to "VOCAL 1". Ta-da! You've now created harmonies and the "Prysmiser" sound using that. Note, this only works for recording not for live performance.

  6. I use FL Studio and can't load the Harmonizer as an instrument and you say it has to be done via sidechaining. What is the difference if it is loaded as an effect and I send MIDI notes to it? It still produces harmonies based on the MIDI input.

  7. Really nice, detailed video. If I can offer up a small piece of constructive criticism, though: I was dying to actually hear the effect the whole time. I felt so unsatisfied when I got to the end of the video and never even got to hear what you played lol

  8. Love the channel my only wished is that you guys actually played the effect you guys are talking about at the start of the video that way I know what to expect also playing the sound as your explaining it also helps.

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