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Important Chords of the Dorian Mode | another in the fire chords | Website providing Australia’s #1 song chords

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Important Chords of the Dorian Mode | You can find all the song chords here

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another in the fire chords and images related to this topic.

Important Chords of the Dorian Mode

Important Chords of the Dorian Mode and information related to this topic.

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website…

Q). I’m trying to develop the Dorian Mode right now. However, I’m having a lot of problems deciding which chords in Dorian’s harmony work the best to bring out its character. The one I’ve read of, is the fourth chord of the Dorian key. And, by using it as a Major chord, Dorian works well. But, there must be others. So, can you cover this in a lesson for viewers? Thanks Andrew!
Scott G. — San Francisco, CA. USA

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A). The chords found within a modes harmony are the key factors to its overall use and its application. By composing the most stable chord progressions with chords that will bring out the modes character, you’ll have the best situations for jamming in (and for getting as good as you can be at using the mode). In the video I cover some of the best chords that can be applied within Dorian chord progressions. The chords discussed in the lesson will bring out the color of the mode when composing melodies, or when performing improvisation.

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Important Chords of the Dorian Mode.

another in the fire chords.

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38 thoughts on “Important Chords of the Dorian Mode | another in the fire chords | Website providing Australia’s #1 song chords”

  1. I'd once asked a Berklee grad his thoughts on what draws players to feel most comfortable with a given mode….. certain players can be associated with certain modes that generally define their style….. in the way that "mode" can be synonymous with "mood":

    Joe Satriani/Lydian, Al diMeola/Phrygian, Jerry Garcia/Mixolydian, etc. My topmost influence since 10 yr old 50 years ago was Carlos Santana/Dorian. So I ask the Berklee grad "I wonder what it is in us that…. well, I clearly feel like I can sail with Dorian mode songs…." His reply "….. 'cuz you can't make any mistakes!" HMMMM….. I STILL wonder what his intent was…..

  2. do you always have to have the mode root as the bass ? so if I play a G dorian, i can't the root? otherwise it will change mode or what ?

  3. Hi Andrew, can I pls mention a couple of things:
    at 8:34 chord diagram includes no #11 (no lydian), but a regular 4.
    Also, instead of converting business talk that is "mystical" for beginners and I don't get it either, one can simply think like this:
    First progression is: ii vi I  (C is the second degree of B flat major scale)
    Second progression is: ii vi V (from A major scale)- no need to think of any conversions and there is no key change
    Third progression: ii I Vvi- (same A major scale) no key change all diatonic
    I am not criticizing, as a beginner I would immediately give up had I not known that B is ii of A and E is V of A and so on.. Thank you!

  4. Could somebody please explain, or point me in the direction of a lesson to explain, the part where he talks about converting the quality of the 4th chord from minor to major? I'm really interested in the basics of this concept, and this lesson was pitched a little to high for me at this stage. I enjoyed the lesson anyway, thank you Mr Wasson.

  5. Andrew your lessons are really amazing mate , eeem so man i'm really not fan of music theory but i can play some notes and i really need you to show me how duane allman / dickey betts got that wicked sound on whipping post / les bres / hot lanta / elizabet reed.
    thank you so very much again ☮

  6. Hi, don't know why, but there is something very "Hawaiian" about the melodies you made with the 6 & 13. Does it relate to the way lap guitars may be tuned. Ah the beach, the sun, the sound of the breakers on the shore! I will hear Dorian in a new way now. Thanks.

  7. Ummm isn't the chord in the first example useing a major 6 not a minor 6..I mean last I checked minor 6 six chords don't have tritones in them rite…

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