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Key of C Chords (Guitar Tutorial) | anchor chords | Website providing Australia’s #1 song chords

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Key of C Chords (Guitar Tutorial) | You can find all the song chords here

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anchor chords and images related to this topic.

Key of C Chords (Guitar Tutorial)

Key of C Chords (Guitar Tutorial) and information related to this topic.

A quick tutorial explaining the simple method of using “anchor fingers” to play the I, IV, V, and VI chords in the Key of C

Also stay tuned for the keys of G, E, and D. And check out my tutorial on modernizing hymns.

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Key of C Chords (Guitar Tutorial).

anchor chords.

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5 thoughts on “Key of C Chords (Guitar Tutorial) | anchor chords | Website providing Australia’s #1 song chords”

  1. This is so helpfu! Thank you for doing these tutorial videos. I found you on Amazon Music because my kids and I participate in the Happy Hymnody community. Your version of “I Am Resolved” is our absolute favorite! And however you are muting or chunking is inspiring me to keep improving my guitar skills. Thank you for offering up your gifts for The Body! More praise up to Him because of you brother!

  2. Nathan, I found this video because I was searching for the correct way to play the Dm chord using the C Shape you're talking about. I've been struggling with the F chord… but the way you showed it makes it so easy! It's the same as the G and C basically. Now I can play tomorrow and NOT HAVE TO CAPO 7 to be able to play in the key of D for our female lead. Incredible! Now I can Capo 2 and it's more natural sounding. I've been working on the C shapes for a week or so and the rest were easy, this got me over the top. Subscribed!

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