Le jour D'amour lyrics | quasimodo’s dream lyrics | Compilation of the best song lyrics

Le jour D'amour   lyrics | quasimodo’s dream lyrics | Compilation of the best song lyrics

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Le jour D'amour lyrics | Website providing Australia’s leading song lyrics

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Le jour D'amour lyrics

Le jour D'amour lyrics and information related to this topic.

Movie The hunchback of Notre Dame II

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Le jour D'amour lyrics.

quasimodo’s dream lyrics.

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  1. Clopin: find your soulmate!

    Me who realised that not even a virus wants me even though it's been for a year or longer now: 👁️👄👁️💧

  2. There’s voters at the White House doors
    The capital’s alive
    DC is in a tizzy
    It’s a busy buzzing hive
    There’s cause for this commotion and political display
    Folks, please take note it’s time to vote
    For tomorrow’s the day…

    Your ballots will be cast
    Will it be Trump or Hillary?
    What score will be broadcast?
    270 for the presidency
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    And once it’s won, Obama’s done
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    Alright people, cast your votes! One of these candidates is a racial bigot, and the other is a WOMAN! Vote fast, for the new presidency will be upon us…

    One of these two candidates
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    Does very rude things to women-
    Do you like that at all?
    The other’s much more qualified
    For kindness she’s displayed-
    Plus, a women will be in DC

    Chorus #2:
    The time has come at last
    If you vote Trump or Hillary
    Then your impact will last
    270 for the presidency
    Is what the voters cheer
    I’m personally for Hillary
    ‘Cause a Trump presidency I fear

    Oh, how very different are these two people
    One’s racist, vulgar, and a misogynist
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    Which one’s more qualified to you? Would you want a MISOGYNIST as president?! I don’t think so! HE’S NOT EVEN QUALIFIED!

    So when it comes
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  3. is that the French name for Valentine's Day? And I taped this off the TV but because I don't have a working VCR anymore and they really don't make them anymore I can't watch it. And I like this ending a bit better then the original novel which I read in high school. I like it that Quasimodo finds love instead of dying next to Esmeralda's corpse. Sometimes Disney does make good changes. Not always but for the most part its sweet. So sweet. Well Happy Valentine's Day!

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