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Marty Mone -Recover (Lyric Video) | recover lyrics | Compilation of the best song lyrics

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Marty Mone -Recover (Lyric Video)

Marty Mone -Recover (Lyric Video)

Marty Mone -Recover (Lyric Video) and information related to this topic.

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Recover, Builders, Diggers, Tractors, Contractors. This is his own Original song about working as a contractor and what use to happen on a monday when people failed to turn up for work cuz they where on drinking the nite before This his is song about drinking. not going to work or collage on a Monday. and the Monday Club . taking half days. missing day and going on the session in the middle of the week. partying and having a good while you r on the dole. Haveing a hangover.

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Sign me in I’m not there today
College and work is too far away
Roll to your local if the weeks too long
Cuz the working days they are all wrong

Feeling like now you need a fry
Wash it down with old cheap wine
Waiting on the lot to waken up
Sip on a can before you drop.

And we need a Monday
To drink our weekend blues away
And we need a Tuesday to

Recover recover get a loan out from the hoarder
And we’ll spend it all on whiskey
And we’ll drink to one another

Wednesday go in at 10
Thursday back on track again
Fridays when you take the half day to spend
The dole and the wages at the weekend

Gambling drinking and the cure
Stone-cold drunk rolling out the door
Laughing happily trouble free
There is a future in drink I see

Artist Bio: Marty Mone

“It’s better to regret what you’ve done, than what you didn’t do”. Such is the life mantra of Ireland’s revered singer-songwriter who has been making waves across Ireland and the UK with his eclectic blend of country and folk.

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Hailing from Castleblayney, he exploded onto the Irish & UK’s music scene in 2014 with his single ‘Hit The Diff’, which went on to amass over 9 million views on YouTube to date. Self-recorded and produced, the track (along with the video that he self-directed), spring boarded his success and catapulted him into the limelight. His debut album followed soon after, a 10-track affair that was also entirely written, recorded and produced by himself. In the summer of 2018, Marty released a further second full-length album ‘Steer The Rear’, which has been praised for his knack for pulling a diverse range of influences including country, folk, pop, rock and alternative. Once been described by Ball.ie as “ more popular culchie act that Gareth Brooks”, Marty continues to receive notable mentions in both print and digital media outlets for his honest approach to music.

Marty also runs his own record label and publishing company ‘Marty Mone Music’, which serves as his personal chateau for recording and writing his own music. The Plot Cottage Studio is where the magic happens, and is the birthplace of most of the songs you’ll hear in his catalogue to date.

Marty’s illustrious career thus far has seen the artist play a slew of large-scale shows, and has performed at venues Croke Park, SSE Area Belfast, The Late Late Show, The Ploughing Championships, Balmoral Show, Truckfest UK, Highland Show Scotland, and more. He has also appeared numerous times on national television and radio.

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Part of Marty’s success is his ability to sing and write tales that come from the heart, much of which is derived from his own personal experiences. With narrative at the forefront of his ethos, Marty unravels compelling tales of life growing up in the countryside. It’s a genuine representation of both Marty and the culture that raised him, growing up driving tractors and living an honest, trucker life. Today, Marty continues down the beaten path on his Scania R580 Topline, which he drives to gigs himself.

Through his music, Marty looks to continue connecting with his fans and touring the rest of his world with his sun-ripened blend of music.

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Marty Mone -Recover (Lyric Video).

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