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Mrs. Potato Head || Melanie Martinez Lyrics | melanie lyrics | The best newly released music

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Mrs. Potato Head || Melanie Martinez Lyrics | Newly updated best music

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melanie lyrics and images related to this topic.

Mrs. Potato Head || Melanie Martinez Lyrics

Mrs. Potato Head || Melanie Martinez Lyrics and information related to this topic.

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Mrs. Potato Head || Melanie Martinez Lyrics.

melanie lyrics.

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25 thoughts on “Mrs. Potato Head || Melanie Martinez Lyrics | melanie lyrics | The best newly released music”

  1. when I was young, I never really knew what the term 'pain is beauty' meant
    As I thought we all looked beautiful but now I do, you get attacked for how you look and how you dress 🙁

  2. “No one will love you if your unattractive.” I have a couple of opinions on that line. This line was the most important line to me. Everybody might be like, “omggg I like her because she’s smart.” Or “I like her because of her personality.” But dead be picking the girls that look like models and treat them like shit and then wonder why they break up in a month. Everyone also pick their friends like this. Even if you don’t know this, y’all subconsciously do this. And I hate that most don’t admit it. I’m not going to say everyone but like everyone I came across did.

  3. This song really hurts my heart. Even little kids feel insecure at this point and are learning that they need to wear makeup, change themselves, etc. to look pretty. It’s also the fact that women are treated like objects, if you don’t have big t*ts and ass, skinny etc. you’ll get body shamed but if you are skinny and stuff you’ll get body shamed. You can pay thousands of dollars for plastic surgery and you still get body shamed. It’s so unfair

  4. Anytime I think about getting lip fillers I listen to this song 🤦🏽‍♀️ and I’m instantly back to feeling better about being natural! no offence meant

  5. The lyrics to this song is this generation, 100%
    I'm my generation, we didn't give a shit about looks
    It was all about having fun,
    It's sad, and my children will be brought up with this fked up generation
    It's not based on being smart and wise it's all about looks and how good looking you can be, it's disgusting

  6. i feel like this song says "youre pretty as the way you are. you should not get any plastic surgery just for others to love u"
    also sorry for my english-✋

  7. "stay forever, stay forever, even if your face don't stay together" this is like when you stay because your friends love u and u want them to be happy but ur emotions never stay together.

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