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NEFFEX – REVOLUTION ✊ [Lyrics] | Newly updated best music

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So enigmatic
And charismatic
Gotta live static
Gotta get at it
Never pragmatic
Cuz we live tragic
I can’t live average
To be alive’s magic
Turn it up in the back cuz I’m grabbing
Everything I want get in my way and I’m stabbing
I’ll be moving crowds till I’m 6 feet napping
They need another fix hooked on like an addict
I got my eyes on the prize
And it’s changing lives
I wanna live till I die
Make a difference right
I wanna give those in need a reason to fight
I wanna live every day like it’s my last night
I wanna change how we play the game
Rearrange all the pieces till they say my name
Push an agenda against doing what they say
I wanna stand up and start a revolution k?

I wanna start a revolution (x4)

I don’t break down
You could never break me
I won’t stay down
Pushing till I’m daisies
I’m on top now
I’ll be kissing babies
Call me el president
Barstool hate me
I’ma trust my gut
You don’t faze me
I’ma give my blood
Don’t save me
Damn it’s never enough
Still chasing
Every single dream that I’ve had since I was eighteen

I wanna start a revolution (x4)

✦✦✦✦✦ NEFFEX ✦✦✦✦✦

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  1. Hi…I have been listening to ur songs lately and loving it….I would love to know for where u make the beats….as I also make music and wanna become an idol…btw i am 16…I would really be glad to have ur help💕

  2. Man, I really hope that this can make it in at least one slot of the Top Five most popular NEFFEX songs. Honestly, I had no expectations for this song, but that just made it way better. For me, this song actually tops Fight Back.

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