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Phish – 7/14/13 "Stash" | wombat stew lyrics | Compilation of the best song lyrics

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Phish – 7/14/13 "Stash" | Website providing Australia’s leading song lyrics

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wombat stew lyrics and images related to this topic.

Phish - 7/14/13 "Stash"

Phish – 7/14/13 "Stash"

Phish – 7/14/13 "Stash" and information related to this topic.

“Stash” from Phish’s 7/14/13 show at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. Download the entire show at:

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Phish – 7/14/13 "Stash".

wombat stew lyrics.

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  1. I work with a kid named Slayden. I grew up with his parents. When I saw his name I was like " Damn, you were named after Slayer! Who names their kid SLAYDEN?) After we talked, he told me all about how his parents took him to see All the big four of Thrash. My answer was " the first big band that blew my mind was PHISH. He was like "who is Phish?" I tried to explain that they were all virtuosos in their own way, but not Metal. Once I saw them live, there was no going back. Stash was my fiirst recommendation

  2. Pulling the pavement from under my nails

    I brush past a garden, dependent on whales

    The sloping companion I cast down the ash

    Yanked on my tunic and dangled my stash

    Zipping through the forest with the curdling fleas

    To grow with them spindles, the mutant I seize

    I capture the dread beast who falls to his knees

    And cries to his cohorts, asleep in the trees

    Smegma, dogmatagram, fishmarket stew

    Police in a corner, gunnin' for you

    Appletoast, bedheated, furblanket rat

    Laugh when they shoot you, say

    "Please don't do that"

    Control for smilers can't be bought

    The solar garlic starts to rot

    Was it for this my life I sought?

    Maybe so and maybe not

  3. If only it sounded this good at the actual stadium. Phish is incredible but large stadiums do not do them justice. Too much echo so all the nuance gets lost.

  4. this is totally it, man. i used to say phish should take more risks, but they don't need to do that when they're playing at the level of this "stash." now calling for a big kit '15!!!

  5. Btw 3.0'ers Im not bashing Phish and this imo is the best version of any songnon this channel from this yr Ive heard yet. I wish theyd put some stuff up from the 5th though it was def the best of the spac runand no not fuego or any stretched out nutsack suite shite.

  6. "With Incredible I Feeze" heheheheheee. Put up some old school phish PHISH! or do you not want to let the 3.0 kids know just how ripshit sick amazing you used to be?

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