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RECOVER ยท Reyna Biddy


โ„— 2020 Reyna Biddy

Released on: 2020-11-28

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    sometimes, your heart will hurt
    sometimes your smile will ache
    sometimes your light will dim and sometimes your spirit will break
    sometimes your entire world will come crashing down with no warning
    and no signs
    but no matter how destroyed you feel you have to be willing to dig deep inside yourself to find some ambition to get you back right
    you have to look out for you
    you have to let go
    you have to place your focus primarily
    on you
    nothing about losing whats familiar feels good but
    uncomfortable places can be beautiful
    growth will always be beautiful
    you are beautiful
    you shouldnt have to wait around and pray for someone to love you
    you should love you
    you should let go because nothing worth holding on to
    whatever destroy you and holding on is destroying you
    trying to love someone into loving you is destroying you
    let go because you have to get a hold of you
    you have to retrace your steps and figure out where you let you go
    you have to take time on yourself to reflect on when
    and where
    you lost yourself
    you have to let go of what no longer is
    and accept what may have never been
    and you have to pick yourself back up
    you have to release any negativity clouding your mind and you have to rid yourself of hopeful feelings
    cleanse your soul
    listen to your intuition
    learn yourself
    let go of any bad habits youve picked up along your journey and start over
    no matter how bad
    or how much it hurts
    let go and start with a clean slate because holding on
    is destroying you

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