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Sara Bareilles – She used to be mine lyrics | gravity sara bareilles chords piano | #1 song chords

by Andy Frank

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Sara Bareilles – She used to be mine lyrics | You can find all the song chords here

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gravity sara bareilles chords piano and images related to this topic.

Sara Bareilles  - She used to be mine lyrics

Sara Bareilles – She used to be mine lyrics

Sara Bareilles – She used to be mine lyrics and information related to this topic.

Title: She used to be mine
Singer: Sara Bareilles
Video Lyrics by: Mark Laurente

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Sara Bareilles – She used to be mine lyrics.

gravity sara bareilles chords piano.

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Michelle Alonzo 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I'm Sad, I miss my old self, I miss her. I'm just say sorry I really sorry 😞

Josh lever 08/09/2021 - 05:33

She's imperfect but she tries~

(me being a skinny flat girl, having imperfect teeth, not so perfect skin always tried to look my best by doing no matter how many things, every night when i everyone where asleep i tried making homemade mask, doing exercises, bc my parents always scolded me for doing it, and said that i should focus my studies)

She's good, but she lies~

( my parents are veryyy strict never allows me to call anyone, video call anyone or even keep my hairs down in online classes, so no chance that i was allowed to hang out with my friends, i made up so many stories, told so many lies, which is absolutely senseless so that they could atleast think i'm cool and be with me atleast in school where i can have a little social life)

She's hard on herself~

(never slept when i saw people having fun, and i wasn't able to, i tried so hard on studies so that atleast i could call my friends, exercising so hard that i wasn't able to stand up, crying soo hard , hurting myself )

She's broken but won't ask for help~

(my friends don't know they think i have perfect life bc of all the lies i told them, my parents think i have everything which i need, everyone thinks of me as a goofy , silly funny girl, who loves to joke around but the reality-)

She's messy but she's kind~

(not a very girlish girl, spills everything which i have in hand, cracks jokes everytime, silly, stupid clown but helps people, bc ik what abuse looks like, stood up for my friend's bully, tho i had no support, they all backstabbed me but i know i'm kind and i can't see other people cry)

She's lonely most of the time~

(no friends to talk to, parents don't like talking to me, sister thinks i'm annoying, can't go for a walk, always have to infront of my parents eyes, tears automatically comes when i think about how people must be having fun, because i never got a chance to do so)

Mckenzie Matyear 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Oh my gd HEART!!!😞😭😭😭💔

Miraculous FAN 08/09/2021 - 05:33

This remind me of chloe from miraculous ladybug😔

nadh the poop 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I haven't watched the Broadway Musical thingy but I love this song after I watched Luke Islam sing it for America's Got Talent and he's amazing!!! (I've heard this song on TikTok so many times)

Yoranitha Maylani 08/09/2021 - 05:33


MDolly30 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I just want to sit down in the corner of the room and cry, for the girl that use to be. Anyone else?

James 08/09/2021 - 05:33

This reminds me of sweet Julie 😪

Taku Soki 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Why this is so hard?

Ashani Munasinghe 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I am imperfect, but I try really hard
I pretend that I'm OK, but I lie
Sometimes, I'm hard on myself
I am broken, but I don't want to ask for help because nobody will understand me
I may be messy and chaotic
And I am lonely and I have nobody to talk to
I am all of this mixed up
Only I know how I feel, only I talk to myself

aespa is four 08/09/2021 - 05:33

You Dayeon 😭

kindly help me reach 100 subscribers 08/09/2021 - 05:33

For all people who are suffering from a lot "You can't sink i know well
You can't fly while looking at the ground the sun is still bright across the cloudy sky"

Faria zaman 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I don’t know why but whenever i listen to this song,,i found myself in this🙂

Princess Taylor 08/09/2021 - 05:33

As a person who has server depression,high anxiety and strong ADHD, tried 3 times suicide,I can relate to the lyrics very well.

zara ariana 08/09/2021 - 05:33


Clarry Barry 08/09/2021 - 05:33 Reply
weirdodaniel 08/09/2021 - 05:33

It's September 2021, but i just knew this song from tiktok😭 i wish i know earlier arghhh i'm crying😭

Riza Pitogo 08/09/2021 - 05:33

POV: you're here because you heard it from TikTok

sara aisyah 08/09/2021 - 05:33

totally me ')

Rahimaa Kimi 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I'll come

TPR SQUAD 08/09/2021 - 05:33

She is imperfect but she tries

NOOR E SHAMA 08/09/2021 - 05:33


Izzy Someone 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Dear Izzy,
I miss you…
Like a lot.
I love you…
I don’t understand why you left,
You’re happy,
You’re alive.
We went through so much and you didn’t have any damage, so I clung to you.
But when you left, I finally realised that you did have damage.
It only showed when you were gone.
You left it with me and went to explore the world without me.
I wasn’t ready for it, but I stayed strong and built my wall high.
People may say building a wall doesn’t help but it does.
It was all I had.
I met someone and they helped me stay strong for my wall.
But I ended up leaving them.
I still talk to them but it’s not the same.
The wall I built started to crumble.
Though not the way I wished I would.
I have these voices…
They talk to me, night and day.
They’ve been there for a few years now.
During the first year… I brushed them off.
I fought back to the best of my abilities.
During the second year… I couldn’t just brush them off.
But I still fought back, even though I was weak.
During the last year…
I joined in with them.
I didn’t fight back.
When I was strong, I didn’t cry at all.
Well, except when I was watching sad films involving animals…
But now I find myself crying every now and then.
I hold back my sobs so my mother and sisters don’t hear.
I even find myself crying easily during things I would never had cried at.
My wall is gone.
And I’m too tired to rebuild it.
Izzy, remember when I didn’t care how I looked?
Well, I care now.
But I’m too tired to change how I look.
I want to believe it’s because somewhere inside me is the happiness you left with.
But I know that’s not the case.
I can’t fix the damage.
You want me to but I can’t.
I fear you won’t ever come back to me.
But please come back.
I beg of you.
I’m scared!
I’ve tried to end it all three times.
I tried to damage myself more, but that didn’t work.
I talked to my mother about everything a year ago.
Nothing happened…
She suggested therapy and went back to scrolling through Facebook.
I didn’t get the therapy…
But I can’t blame her.
She went through the same thing as us.
But now, every time I talk about it…
I don’t feel any better.
What do I do, Izzy?
I want to get better.
I need to get better.
When you left six years ago…     
I tried to beg God.
Even though I’m not religious and don’t 100% believe they exist.
Why hasn’t anything changed?
People say they’ve begged, and it’s worked.
Am I worthless to God as well?
Is it because I’m questioning my sexuality?
Is it because of my personality?
Is it because I’m ugly and fat?
Is it because of the things I write?
Is it because I shop lifted when I was a little girl?
I apolagised many times for that…
Is it because I don’t 100% believe in God?
I keep an open mind.
I know I can’t prove they’re real.
But I also can’t prove they are.
Why aren’t things getting better?
Am I really that pathetic?
Do I really mean nothing to God?
I thought going to college and doing something I love would help.
It’s only picked up my confidence from the earth’s core and moved it up a level.
And thanks to Covid, it’s slowly moving back down.
My mother’s new boyfriend doesn’t help at all.
I hear him calling me fat and lazy.
I hear him complaining about my siblings and me to her.
Making her life harder and making me feel guilty about everything I do.
Izzy, please come back.
Come back old me.

Izzy Someone 08/09/2021 - 05:33

"And you're not what I asked for.
If I'm honest, I know I would give it all back.
For a chance to start over.
And rewrite and ending or two.
For the girl that I knew." …Never heard anything more relatable and that is an understatement.

Ashley G 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Got diagnosed with lupus nephritis, full of acne on my face, full of stretchmarks on my thighs and legs because of my medications, so many hyperpigmentations all over my body.. i'm so fucking insecure

Ahmad Luthfi 08/09/2021 - 05:33

This song literally describes "My Mother"

Hawa Allysa 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Let's sit and cry

Samia Islam 08/09/2021 - 05:33

This part hits harder than bullet ☺ 0:50

shesprobablykat 08/09/2021 - 05:33


Zaara Kausar 08/09/2021 - 05:33

0:50 starts best part 💜

💜 ARMLINK ❤️ 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Why do I relate so much????

Nibedita Khandual 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Ooh you dropped your crown ….
Here …take it
You deserve this …. Just love yourself ❤️

alexagaming orlanes 08/09/2021 - 05:33

i will be bring back the fire of my EYE

its°mila°memes 08/09/2021 - 05:33

my new favorite songg

모치 Girl 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I need a hug
I need someone with me
I care for everybody I think about everybody's feelings I'm afraid I might hurt someone but what about me? What about myself?
I hope your problems will be solved and for you to always be happy 💜

William Drummond 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I need soo many tissues

Leziel Ann Medina 08/09/2021 - 05:33

" I was never attention's sweet center"

Kathy 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Who's here for that one miraculous ladybug TikTok?

GirlsLikeGacha Lim 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Its so catch

Awezome zOme 08/09/2021 - 05:33

Who’s crying 😢 ?

Jie 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I'm tired:(((


"She's imperfect….but she tries" I'm not good at studies but I try to get A+ in every subject, but still my parents are not satisfied

I don't know dancing skills well but I try hard to dance but still my dance teacher is not satisfied

john paul casag 08/09/2021 - 05:33

I miss my dog😭

diandria seriritan 08/09/2021 - 05:33

She is me

Vanessa🌺 08/09/2021 - 05:33

But seriously are you okay… Am i okay??? I wanna look okay but I'm totally not.. I wanna open up my emotions but i just can't..


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