The Veronicas in London | in my blood lyrics the veronicas | The best newly released music

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The Veronicas in London | Newly updated best music

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in my blood lyrics the veronicas and images related to this topic.

The Veronicas in London

The Veronicas in London

The Veronicas in London and information related to this topic.

The Veronicas have been in London promoting the release of their single Untouched and album Hook Me Up! Watch the video and have a look at what the girls have been getting into while in London. For more info about The Veronicas in the UK, go to

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The Veronicas in London.

in my blood lyrics the veronicas.

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42 thoughts on “The Veronicas in London | in my blood lyrics the veronicas | The best newly released music”

  1. Dear the veronicas. 

    In case you have not noticed your in the UK NOT just England, It is bad enough when you Aussies on the likes of channel 9 keep calling the UK England, but as you are not native British you should reflect the fact that your in the UK's capital city and Not just an English city, it would be all be it incorrectly referring to Sydney "not the capital I Know" as just being in NSW, and ignoring the rest of Australia,  sort it out would you.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. well Corinxo IMO I think the veronicas music is not totally and completely gothic….hmmm in fact i think its not gothic at all. their fans would be more of teenagers and young adults (20s ish) since both their music and style suggests the style of young adults they're definitely one of the best ppl with best style imo heh (yess jess n lisa it is u!) so ye. hav fun at their gig guys!

  3. F*ck fur…jess' jacket…n_n…total support…i'm a vegan as well…n_n…oh, and also tried jess' vegan taco's recipe, thats some tasty stuff!…n_n..loved them…n_n

  4. i heard that jess being a bisexual is only a rumour..not that being gay is wrong or anything..but it is never confirmed..i mean,she never confirmed her relationship with ruby rose (despite being obvious) and she is now back with azaria which is so absurd since ruby rose is like 1000 times better!!!

  5. hahah yes she is pretty hot aye but ur like super duper rawrfull arrrr word i made up u guys are fucken awsome u both remind me of me and my sister heheh go vegaterians !! xxx

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