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TRAINING WHEELS – MELANIE MARTINEZ (lyrics video) | melanie lyrics | The best newly released music

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TRAINING WHEELS – MELANIE MARTINEZ (lyrics video) | Newly updated best music

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Training Wheels:

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20 thoughts on “TRAINING WHEELS – MELANIE MARTINEZ (lyrics video) | melanie lyrics | The best newly released music”

  1. "I'll pull them off for you" damn I thought that was "I'm falling hard for you" I never read the lyrics and this is the first time I've ever read the lyrics. All those time I'm saying "I'm falling hard for you"😭😭😂

  2. Warning ⚠️: Cliche
    I know few will read this whole but anyway, I made a story out of this song. It's about two girl friends.
    I don't know what to name them, so I name them A and b.
    A treasure B so much to the point of obsession and suffocation.
    That's because B is the only one left to love and the one who fix A.
    B don't mind A actions towards her. They are always together, to the point that everyone sees them as siblings. They promised each other that they have their backs and will always taking care of each other forever.
    One time B brings her precious teddy bear and introduce to her friend A.
    While A bring her bike and would like B to ride it but B doesn't know how to, so A teach her.
    It becomes a lesson everytime they meet.
    One time B scratch herself while riding, A who doesn't have kit run to her house to get a first aid.
    Another day B injured herself, and again A run to her house to get first aid.
    A want to prevent scratch marks to B so whenever they meet she always bring first aid.
    One time when they meet in the park B brings her precious teddy bear again and they play with it.
    In the middle of their plays, B suddenly exclaimed "Oh my! I forget! I have a gift for you A" and dig through her bag.
    But she didn't find what said to be gifts and she suddenly remember that she left the gift to her room.
    She said she will get it and get back, A insisted that she will get it herself.
    B resist, said that I will get I don't want you to see it and said that she will get back.
    B left her bag and teddy bear as a sign of trust to A.
    A wait for B for a while, after sometime A got worried and thought about following B but she resist " No! I'm sure B will be back".
    It's getting late but B still doesn't go back so she decided to follow her to her house with the bag and teddy bear.
    While walking she noticed a crowd of people circling around a train.
    She suddenly get scared, walk closer only to found out B got ran by a train.
    A who don't know what to do, fall to her knee and drop what's on her hand.
    B laying with a pool of blood, a pink rose with a silver music box in her left hand and a single pink petal in her right hand.
    It looks like she got ran over while planning to go back.
    B is dead without any chance of survival.
    A is traumatized and blaming herself.
    With another time and years have passed, B's guardian gave A B's teddy bear and the music box that was supposed to be a gift.
    A who were having a rage lock this things somewhere else she wouldn't get a look at.
    And so this is a tragic summary of A and B.
    Hence the title of training wheels [Train-(ing)-wheels].

    Edits: I'm not good at english so pls excuse it.

    Ps: I forgot to say when B was leaving she use A bike. So the bike was crush as well by the train. The bike being crush can be a metaphor to their promise being crushed, can be forgiven but it will never go back to it's original figure.

  3. "I wanna ride my bike with you"
    for the 4 years of this songs and my existence I thought the lyrics were "Wandering in the back with you"

  4. Love everything you do when
    Fully undressed no training wheels left for you I pull them off for you

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