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How to work out the chords to a song on the piano | you will be found chords | Website providing Australia’s #1 song chords

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How to work out the chords to a song on the piano | You can find all the song chords here

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you will be found chords and images related to this topic.

How to work out the chords to a song on the piano

How to work out the chords to a song on the piano

How to work out the chords to a song on the piano and information related to this topic.

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Here’s a tutorial for all you music theory nerds. For ages, people have been emailing me to ask, “how do I work out the chords to a song on the piano?”. This video should go some way to answering that question.

Clearly it’s pretty long by the usual standards of my tutorials, but that apparently simple question opens up a whole bunch of questions about how harmony, melody, song structure and so on actually work. I take you through a five-step process that should help you work out the chords for most song melodies.

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Something that’s worth bearing in mind here is that songs and melodies contain a huge amount of variation, and there are very, very many exceptions to the very broad-brush rules I’ve given you here. As I say in the tutorial, the main aim I have is to give you an overview, so that you can sit at the piano and work some of the more complex stuff out. Another point I make in the tutorial that’s worth repeating is that the best way to get good at this sort of thing is to familiarise yourself with lots of chord progressions by playing lots and lots of other people’s songs. That’ll help to give you an instinctive feel for how chord progressions work, and how they relate to melodies, that will be of just as much use to you when working out a song’s chords as lots of abstract theory learned away from the piano keyboard.

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How to work out the chords to a song on the piano.

you will be found chords.

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50 thoughts on “How to work out the chords to a song on the piano | you will be found chords | Website providing Australia’s #1 song chords”

  1. Brilliantly simplified Bill. Thanks. Appreciate your efforts to pull a complete understanding together into developmental steps. A great reference piece to keep coming back to as Chord accompanyment develops.

  2. Another excellent tutorial! The methods shown here are golden that's for sure. Thanks so much. Ben — a personal question here —- do you have the 'perfect pitch/absolute pitch' attribute? ! As in – do you have that ability of absolute/perfect pitch?

  3. URGHHHH"!!!! Isn't there a way to play piano without learning all the boring stuff???? I just want to play some fuckin' Led Zeppelin so I can impress this girl I like and maybe get laid too!

  4. I have a number of full score arrangements for easy piano. I would like to fatten them up a bit by adding additional notes to the right handed melody notes, and maybe adding the 9th to the left hand etc. The problem is that there are no written chord symbols to guide me. Is there an easy way to work out the chords in the arrangement ?

  5. I have a song which I wrote years ago….
    I figured out the piano intro for the song,

    However I stopped after the lyrics started, didn't know which keys to press to make it suitable for the song

  6. I haven't understand anything even i watch whole video😅
    Btw nice playing and you have an awesome voice😊👍
    Well subscribed

  7. Sir very nicely explained I really want to learn how to play instrumental music will I be able to learn it just by learning chords Plzzzz help in guiding me sir I don't have any tutor.
    Love💓 from INDIA 🇮🇳

  8. Thank you breaking down the steps! At an even more rudimentary level, here are just three main steps I figured out and personally used to learn how to play songs & melodies on the fly, extemporaneously, and by ear presented in my 55-word poem titled “I Can Jive in 55!”

    To play song by ear
    end song on note C
    to make learning easy
    by avoiding black keys.

    To add chords to song
    play root BELOW melody
    on main down beats
    at intervals 1, 5, or 3.

    Now play each chord
    by following the root
    with notes 5, 8, 10
    then add notes to suit.

    **The one thing that made it all suddenly click for me was focusing on the root-melody note intervals with the realization that the root note is either 1, 3, or 5 note intervals BELOW the melodic notes played on the main down beats (or immediately after the down beats following a passing note). This enabled me to find the chords just by mirroring whatever notes are played on the right hand and suddenly enabling me to play a song in any key.

  9. Thank you for posting this video. Might be helpful to start by presenting an overview of the main steps or idea. When you put it all in a nut shell, one can find the chords by playing with left hand pinky the notes at 1, 3, or 5 note intervals (+1 octave) BELOW the melodic note played on down beats or immediately after the down beat following a PASSING note in the melody (as in the song hap-py-BIRTH-day).

  10. Bill, wow, another Class A video, Sir! I must share with you that I have studied around six other videos on this topic and they never worked for me. BILL this video works for me!!!!!!!!! I am going to study, memorize and apply it, first learningvit in sections and then eventually putting it all together during my daily piano practice a little by little to really make it my own and I never could have done it withoyt you, Bill!
    I am so excited to finally have an open doorway to walk through into enhancing my pianism in the realm of this critical musical skill-thank you a million times, thank you😁
    May I please ask you a question and just answer at your own convenience.
    What do you honestly think, please?: Frequently, when playing Albumblatt (Fur Elise) in the key of A minor, my fingers without my mind's direction improvises right into Beethoven's famous piece of his romance gone wrong and I think it could be so much fun for me to listen to what is coming forth from my fingers, without even thinking about it. FIRST, is it disrespectful to Beethoven to improvise into His famous works? That is why I always stop myself from doing so and I never allow myself to enjoy it for not desiring to be disrespectful.
    Bill is it okay and possibly even educational to allow myself to listen to my fingers production into His famous works? Take care, Friend-Thank you and May God Bless you and yours😁

  11. Thank you so much for creating these videos. It's really helpful, and I learned more about chord and music than the traditional classical music training. <3

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