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J Triipp – IYKYK (Intro) (Visualizer) (prod.Pendo46) (LYRICS IN THE DESCRIPTION) | Website providing Australia’s leading song lyrics

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J Triipp - IYKYK (Intro) (Visualizer) (prod.Pendo46) (LYRICS IN THE DESCRIPTION)

J Triipp – IYKYK (Intro) (Visualizer) (prod.Pendo46) (LYRICS IN THE DESCRIPTION)

J Triipp – IYKYK (Intro) (Visualizer) (prod.Pendo46) (LYRICS IN THE DESCRIPTION) and information related to this topic.

Here is a visualizer. I hope you guys enjoy this album. I have put so much effort into this project. I really hope you enjoy the ride. Keep up with me with my socials below. Thank you all if you have listened.

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If you know then you really know (4X)

Verse One:

Black and White like a Panda

This is my show, not Amanda’s

It’s gonna be a Freaky Friday

You sat in the sun bitch I fry days

My name is Johnny

I woke up in my body

To catch a body

make your bitch wet tsunami

making paper that’s origami

my favorite rugrat is Tommy

I don’t like to drive

I call shotty

I didn’t wake up in a Bugatti

I make a bitch cream on my ice that’s a gelati

Hook: (4X)

If you know then you really know

Verse Two:

I don’t need no stupid posse

I got me

That’s all I need

To succeed

Not sipping lean

Not doing drugs

Staying loyal

Not fucking sluts

I’m next up

That’s a bet

I’m sick dog

see the vet

own this shit

not paying rent

I’m the god.

I was sent

To repent

for all my sins

feel the pain

I always win

Verse Three:

J Triipp in Gotham

Bitch you can’t stop him

I run in with the Glock

shit come out the sock

Playboy Carti

Time to party

Bitch call me the joker

Likes when I choke her (choker)

Like she emo

Finding Nemo

Tap the glass

bitch I tap that ass

that was fast

Like sonic

bitch I’m a prophet

If you want something

I got it

I just bought it

Glock, I just shot it

L y’all just caught it

Hook: (4X)

If you know then you really know

Verse Four:

You gotta let go


You pussy like Petco

Bitch I go in

Kick a bitch in the chin

chopper make that bitch spin

bring t pain all I do is win

all I do is sin

So I’m not holy

Set shit on fire

like Mick Foley

Hook: (4X)

If you know then you really know

Verse Five:

My raps are vicious

I’m fucking bitches

you back there washing dishes


looking like a wack man

looking like a crack man

It’s sad when

All the people you love leave you

This is the intro this is the preview

People fucking leave so easily

unless they need you.

Love had me blind

now that shit is see-through (2X)


The Bigger Picture

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J Triipp – IYKYK (Intro) (Visualizer) (prod.Pendo46) (LYRICS IN THE DESCRIPTION).

iykyk lyrics.

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