Kendrick Lamar – Alright [INSTRUMENTAL] | alright kendrick download | Compilation of the best song lyrics

Kendrick Lamar – Alright [INSTRUMENTAL] | alright kendrick download | Compilation of the best song lyrics

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Kendrick Lamar – Alright [INSTRUMENTAL]

Kendrick Lamar – Alright [INSTRUMENTAL] and information related to this topic.

My Kendrick type beat! –

Kendrick Lamar – Alright [INSTRUMENTAL]
originally prod by Sounwave and Pharrell
Re-Prod. by Erik Giovani

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This is my second upload! yeah its a little pitch changed down this time, but you can get the unaltered version in the download link

If you liked the beat then go give my soundcloud some love –

purchases and inquiries at [email protected]

peace suckas


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Kendrick Lamar – Alright [INSTRUMENTAL].

alright kendrick download.

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  1. "Im tryna testify n slap a bitches ass 4 exersize/ tell her that im sorry im just tryna get my ketchup right/ hopefully its texas size so when she wanna step outsize/ caint fit out tha door whats in store on dat extra wide/ guess u got da best of my have i seen tha worst of you/ here here go a test do a stretch with ya cursive side/ gurl ya so diversified but askin me ta hurt ya like/ its fuckin up dat perfect smile yeah i know you heard it tight/ you can have these werdz ta bite cause neither of us first ta try/ queen i got sum wings have u ever gave a purse in flight/ think u misinterpret that like i would get your person snatch/ boo we in dat same drop please dont cause a nervous crash/ i can see youll never hand it ova but u played me thoe/ if u knew im doomed ta lose u shud tell me way ta go/ you dont know which way ta go n uont kno da path i want/ caught up in my crazy flow u throwin it i had ta bunt/ switch it up n talk about these haters like they mad as fuck/ if im actin silly call me billy fuckin madison/ lock me up n throw away tha key because im havin fun/ sorry my perceptions always stressin me n messin up/ durty south mouth kinda mint never catchin up/ way behind searchin 4 a peaceful place ta stay inside/ maybe ill change my mind but ill always hate goodbyes/ not that good with change theres no remainder when i make a pie/ open up n take a bite have a slice of scatterbrain/ hopin ill maintain n find a way ta chase a faster pace/ ppl dat i dont be knowin always gotta pass away/ n im just tryna last today n give my fuckin mask a break/ naw i never rocked that sum1 have sum maskin tape/ sum say go get cash today others say ill have ta wait/ media got me frozen from tha globle problems thats just fake/ others say just keep it real but i can hear tha rattlesnakes/ never really knowin if im growin when i have a taste/ guess its safe ta say i need ta pray ta keep my ladder straight/ feelin like im walkin in a circle as i gravitate/ tryna find new passions in my life ta make sum habits break/ frequent treatment center visitor but aint dat sentimental/ no coincidentals hear em snappin ova instrumentals/ tryna overcome my mentals got me sketchin crackin pencils/ dog sumtimes i need a dinner do you know whats on tha menu/ i could take it all away and go ona trip 4 holidays/ ball because im really ballin if ya hear me holla gates/ dirty money damn this world be funny keep ya dollaz straight/ if ya see me from a distance keep it please dont holla hey/ im tha type ta gecha numba tell ya ima call away/ do a couple laps around tha mall n then get lost in space/ if u lockin eyes n then ya come ta find an awkward face/ ive seen harder days but as of late im feelin tossed away/ rather hear of jesus life n all i seem ta cross is pain/ no one seems ta wanna refrain from tellin me i got it made/ on da track wit ron da don swangin in tha bosses lane/ ima have ta leave ya with sum buzzin bars ta operate/ bored in tha game heres a dozen cars ta confiscate/ and i cant ever settle none i fell in love its complicated/ smooth interlude i been tha dude dats neva constipated/ better b hard servin these raw in arkansas so yall debate it/ teachin all these hogs tha basics lames just wanna call it racist/ ron tell em come awn they make me yawn i think u all mistaken"

  2. Honestly yall i aint knockin da basics/ im viewin da rear end just parkin my spaceship/ n if i got haters im caught up on they shit/ just stayin on tawp of em rockin da base meant/ im bombin them planes I astonish amaze em/ im far from a lame cuz im hard as tha pavement/ wont harm but i maim em with tar-get ill paint em/ spray um with ray guns i got from tha same bum/ i bought it today but my confidence way up/ i brought it ta play sum you outta just change up/ apart of this game it is not a debate u caint possibly say it aint possum u playn/ wach me toss off tha chain but thank God ima slave/ caint take much more Gomorrah or sadamm husseins/ if i aint gotta raincoat ta rock in tha rain/ i blame lost in tha pain if im boxed in my lane/ i pray naaa not today wait them audibles change/ they go pop im afraid it is nautacle thang/ cause my doggie named sarj he aint large and my frame/ dont explain that in may june july i just wade/ and its strange cause tha way that im brought ups degradin/ cant trade this same hand from a cardheact patient/ hahaHA dats a great once Igaindolf tha grey punk/ u may run away once i land of tha brave um/ they say just vacay ta Atlanta it may come/ a time when my train'll arrive where i stayed up/ i came down way low grade homegrown like tomataz/ no way ta go short on tobacco my cravins / just may jam me up i benjammin lik raisins/ from californYUH buttttt no busty chick hangin/ those lovely tit raisers from buttons arranged in/ a buncha laced Maaaan ? whose tha damn muffin maker/ dont baker anita'ed those sailer mOOn D-cups/ but say way hip big as it gets nikki mi-butt/ im not just a leada i follow shaquita n ritaz believe i got caught in her speedaz/ her chest-errr but cheatah? Im destined ta meet um/ but best compliments all i went with was jesus/ im inta them cinnamon women with venom in/ "Tom Hardy" talk of tha party im m&m's/ scuze me so rudely ive bumped inta Gwendolyn/ melt in her mouth-wellllll… ? EVERYnow N then again/ she force a grin cause of sin dat we riddled in/ ..and she O's MEGA her malpha'll be civil when/ counties of countless "core" Mounties mount "in a sense"/ still caught up in her scent give her a minute its/ waste of time limitless Cooped up Brad inna fit/ been a fish plenty??? List ..sueing sides slit a wrist/ you n i do more time findin a little bit/ ..lately no with a twist orally lickin clits/ bitch come ta think of its BEEN SO rediculous/ very unmagical which witch ma? Tilda-less/ livin life sheldered while helpin those distant friends/ said no regrets but tha best of tha mini-trips/ up n down roads never know might be whistlin/ DIXIE ? so nix me dont fix me wont frisbee/ those tricks b for kids see my lifes just against me/ i swear with my pinky toetally them brain times/ we pissed on a fence Ren & Stimpy'd tha main aisle/ dang dog my vain life lik mainlining canines/ if no sound might wave hi then quickly OK bye/ its simply so sane i might turn off my pager SIKE/ crockGOdial fones AWWW blondeGod I wish they goodbyes/ didnt leave me in shock gawkin mouth "Gator-like"/ pickett fence white where are you dark light saber SIGH/ maybe today its okay ta b neighbor-like/ why aint no doubt about that jacket wait in line/ cloudy forecast wit dese gloomy odd ways ta rhyme/ vial filled vile-plume from my nuke by da shroom/ dash at tha sight of umm they unexcitable.."

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