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Le'Andria Johnson - Better Days (Audio)

Le'Andria Johnson – Better Days (Audio)

Le'Andria Johnson – Better Days (Audio) and information related to this topic.

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Le'Andria Johnson – Better Days (Audio).

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28 thoughts on “Le'Andria Johnson – Better Days (Audio) | for a better day lyrics | Compilation of the best song lyrics”

  1. I love you your voice is amazing and to use it to win souls over God is amazing you know I am in a bad place in my life were money don’t do me know good I’m facing 2 to 10 only the lord can help me outta this I’m in pray for me saints cause imma praise god any how in or out

  2. Struggles are to here to make us stronger how can we fight with God if we are weak. We must remember to stay strong in the Lord and know that BETTER DAYS ARE COMING!

  3. We will all make it through this storm, Stop the shootings, the hate, the jealousy, the lies, the stealing. Let's Love one another no matter the color, Because Better Days Are Coming Soon To Us All. ???❤❤??

  4. I'm 19 and my mother just died of COVID-19….my cousin danced to this song at her funeral, and I cry every time I hear it. I really do hope better days are coming, i really do.

  5. 2021 46 year old man God are you punishing me? I can’t seem to get out of this black hole.
    Can’t find a job that I want, the job I’m on the guys lie on me, to me and about me.
    No money, debt piling up gambling to try and solve my money issues ? I need prayer Father where are you? I’m sinking Lord please Help your child

  6. Just lost my Great grandmother who raised me all my life, it’s already hard and it’s only day 2 I pray God sees my thru this….
    This song has been getting me thru…. Thank you ??

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