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Logic – My Way (Official Audio) | Newly updated best music

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Logic - My Way (Official Audio)

Logic – My Way (Official Audio)

Logic – My Way (Official Audio) and information related to this topic.

Listen to Logic’s “My Way” out now:

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Logic – My Way (Official Audio).

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24 thoughts on “Logic – My Way (Official Audio) | logic bobby tarantino download | The best newly released music”

  1. All love, peace, and positivity but I am starting to get a little frustrated with Logic and the trolling. One of the main reasons why I bought “No Pressure” was because I thought he was going to retire or at least take several years off from making any new projects. These songs sound like throwaways from a mixtape. I don’t mind a artist putting out music they want because they feel motivated and passion behind the project. But I don’t think Logic is motivated or passionate about making music anymore. I think it’s just fun and games and whatever to him at this point which is cool but don’t sit up here and be upset if the project is not well received.

  2. Y’all big hating on the song ! Haha bro he literally says if you had his money you would do it your way ?? He’s just being himself and if you don’t like it then don’t listen 😂 let the man live smh we are lucky enough to even be getting more music. PLP

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