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Rascal Flatts Stand Lyrics | stand for lyrics | Compilation of the best song lyrics

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Rascal Flatts Stand Lyrics | Website providing Australia’s leading song lyrics

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Rascal Flatts Stand Lyrics

Rascal Flatts Stand Lyrics and information related to this topic.

Rascal Flatts Stand, with lyrics.
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Rascal Flatts Stand Lyrics.

stand for lyrics.

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43 thoughts on “Rascal Flatts Stand Lyrics | stand for lyrics | Compilation of the best song lyrics”

  1. This song gives me the confidence to keep fighting! I battled depression and extreme anxiety for 3 years and it didn’t help that one of the teachers hated my guts and I was bullied the crap out of! I also have OCD and ADHD Which make things 10 times harder! People in class hated sitting next to me and treated me like a burden. I even started punching, biting and cutting myself. I had a friend a year later say that she was gonna kill her self and I stopped her and saved her life! Anyways I’m here to say that things get better! Keep fighting stay strong!

  2. This means so much to me right now, I’m bawling. I’ve always loved y’all but singing your songs as a child you just don’t get the lyrics until you get older then it hits you so hard you can’t take it.

  3. Hey rich fuckers trying to get the troops to help you control my Jesus and Father God y’all don’t own spirits ok and you will never act like y’all put the Holy Spirit in a spaceship or Jennie bottle bc I tell my Jesus
    God bless y’all!!!

  4. To everyone suffering from depression and anxiety or going through any kind of hard time: It'll be alright. You are strong and there are people that love you and will help you through it. You are not alone, not now, not ever. Keep holding on💗

  5. I was suicidal as well, my father abuses me but one day I went to look for a rope and almost gave up but if you talk to people, you will make it and if you have faith in god. I could have never been here commenting right now if it wasn’t for my mom 🥰.

  6. I was born with Juandice with breathing problems. Only being a month early. Been a victim of violent and vicious bullying from the time I started kindergarten to my sophomore year of high school. I developed High Function Anxiety, Major Depression, Minor Schizophrenia and OCD.

    I was homeless for a year of my life after I dropped out of college and turned to alcohol (2 years clean) here i am stable again loving life. And this song got me through it

  7. This song remind me of my girlfriend Who was in car accident and she lost her two legs she was paralized and lm amazed that she stand today but with my help she amazing she proov that she can't Do something love u baby lm so happy to be here with my amazing girlfriend💖🔥love u

  8. I was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal just over 3 weeks ago. My cousin who is a cancer survivor herself referred me to this song. Never been a rascal flats fan. But this song definitely hits home. And now I will stand. God bless any and everyone who is standing and fighting this disease. God bless, and love to you all.

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