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Restringing Your Classical Guitar | You can find all the song chords here

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Restringing Your Classical Guitar

Restringing Your Classical Guitar

Restringing Your Classical Guitar and information related to this topic.

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Restringing Your Classical Guitar.

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30 thoughts on “Restringing Your Classical Guitar | anchor chords | Website providing Australia’s #1 song chords”

  1. Great Vid the best by far, especially showing the tucked method at the bridge, so much more tidy and hopefully prevents slippage. Thanks !!!

  2. THANK YOU! This was so helpful! Just before finding your video, I was viewing one that not only demonstrated a sloppy technique, but more importantly, it was filmed at the wrong angle. You made this so easy to follow along with, and I love the technique!

  3. I saved another video like this, however, this video has the guitar I do, the other one didn't. Thanks. I needed to know how to do that on the bottom of the guitar by the bridge to figure out how that works, I couldn't, I can string a regular acoustic but never know how to do a classical like this one. THANKS TONS..

  4. Good demo. Note that the Saddle end of the string can start to creep as you turn the peg. Have to keep an eye on it and make sure it's tucked tight into the next string loop to keep it in place.

  5. Thank you very much! I had my first string change done by my local guitar shop, as I wasn't ready to screw it up lol… how ever they screwed it up for me, so I got a chance to learn something anyways!

    Excellent video, I hope with pratice I'll get to be that good!

  6. This is a really good video for first time stringers I watched a few videos about it but this one is the best he give you really good instructions and tips. Keep this up and thank it helped me a lot.

  7. Very good tutorial Dave. Although I normally play acoustic or electric, I've got an old classic guitar that I decided to re-string. It's been so long that I couldn't remember the process so it's here that Dave Doll comes in and he makes it look so easy. I found the treble strings really easy but the bass strings were far more difficult and just didn't do what I wanted them to.
    So just a warning to readers : don't snip the ends off until you are absolutely sure that the strings are correctly tied to the bridge otherwise if you need to untie one, then there is unsufficient length to retie to the tuning peg.

    Anyway, having snipped the bass strings, I wasn't happy with the ties so I undid them all. I did manage to retie the 5th and 6th strings but the 4th started to unravel so I gave up.

    Conclusion: the process is fiddly and not as easy as it looks so don't get over-confident. Keep studying the film until you are familiar with the process. If you are like me and on the useless side, then buy a set of nylon strings with ball ends. Much easier.

  8. Very detailed and professional stringing technique. There are so many different variations, it's hard to decide. I suppose I'll rely on a video made by a guitar maker or string maker.

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