Sia – Diamonds (Acoustic) | sia diamonds in the sky | The best newly released music

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Sia – Diamonds (Acoustic) | Newly updated best music

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sia diamonds in the sky and images related to this topic.

Sia - Diamonds (Acoustic)

Sia – Diamonds (Acoustic)

Sia – Diamonds (Acoustic) and information related to this topic.

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Sia – Diamonds (Acoustic).

sia diamonds in the sky.

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47 thoughts on “Sia – Diamonds (Acoustic) | sia diamonds in the sky | The best newly released music”

  1. Sia would rather be a writer she doesn’t want to be famous… she likes hearing her music she writes for other writers. Sia is an amazing vocalist and writer but she’s happy and content with not being in public eye.

  2. Bruuuh you can feel the natural aura of her voice, i am fucking speechless
    She is a real artist, the amount of emotions she has put in this song, damn, its so fucking pure!!!

  3. Knew it was a legend who madw this originally .. sis you been here for years and years before people will appreciate.. buttons captured me but you were a legend before keep shining❤️

  4. She is one of the most powerful vocalists in the current generation of artists. Her voice is simply stunning and guaranteed to induce the full range of human emotions, and maybe create some new feelings we didn't even know were possible. Amazing song, amazing performer, amazing woman.

  5. so glad i found this version before discovering others…i could just have skipped this amazing piece. sia is one of the few singers that can easily outperform herself on live sessions.

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