Strawberry Shortcake | Melanie Martinez | Lyrics | melanie lyrics | The best newly released music

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Strawberry Shortcake | Melanie Martinez | Lyrics | Newly updated best music

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melanie lyrics and images related to this topic.

Strawberry Shortcake | Melanie Martinez | Lyrics

Strawberry Shortcake | Melanie Martinez | Lyrics

Strawberry Shortcake | Melanie Martinez | Lyrics and information related to this topic.

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Strawberry Shortcake | Melanie Martinez | Lyrics.

melanie lyrics.

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  1. As a person who was sexually assaulted by my boy classmates when I was around 13 and I thought it was all my fault, this song is way too relatable

  2. I am honestly scared to wear shorts or any clothing that shows skin just in fear of someone checking me out. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have found students/teacher looking at me. I only wear baggy clothes they make me feel safe. I don’t know if anyone else relates to this.

  3. If I don't hide my body people think I'm a slut, my mom says that's not how a Christian girl should dress.

    If I hide my body, and don't confirm to society's beauty standards enough, I constantly get told I should wear make up and my mom begs me to dress femininely. She says she's afraid people will think I'm a lesbian.

    I can't win.

  4. anyone who sees this…..

    please drink water, please eat today and know that you're loved, even when you feel hopeless, please keep fighting, if you feel like no one loves you in this world, that's okay because i do too…but guess what? i love you. so keep fighting, whether it's to stay alive, to stop cutting, to get out of an abusive relationship, an abusive household, against an eating disorder, a mental disorder, a sickness, etc… just keep fighting.. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH! <3

  5. Ok listen up bitches,

    I am here just to remind you that your ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.
    Nuh uh shut up I dont want to hear that you saying at your self that 'I am ugly', or shits .You are BEAUTIFUL,GORGEOUS,
    And that on periodt.???✋

  6. Some boys just can't stop harrasing girls and the principal says it's there fault for dressing or looking a slut when they tell them multple times to stop this also happened but I told my mother girls as the same specie don't let someone touch you. And NO IT IS NOT OUR FAULT THAT THESE BOYS WHO SEXULAIZE ( not all ) KEEP ON MESSING WITH US

  7. Dress code mine as well be just for girls because more percent of girls get dress coded for wearing crop tops or short skirts. But guys can wear no shirts ( outside at school or something) .. or even short shorts. It’s just so annoying and not right

  8. since we're talking about inappropriate clothes. even my family thinks it's inappropriate to wear crop tops. i'm 19, and for once in my life i feel comfortable in my own skin, i want to try new things and styles but my family, like the last generation, won't allow it

  9. i heard that we are sharing our stories well i was sexually assaulted for 4 years and i was scared to come forward about it and when i finally did i was silenced and told that thats what boys do. and hes still in my class and im very scared. i hate that i have to feel scared when i do anything i want to just live my life.

  10. I remember when I was 12-ish I was in a theatre performance and I was waiting backstage for my cue. There was another actor who had to go on when I did, he was a year younger than me, and while we were waiting he wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my hips. I remember being so uncomfortable and I hate it when people get upset with me so I didn’t say anything. Never told anyone though.

  11. Girls get yourself a knife
    There are these cool heart key-shaped ones for like 10 dollars and they sharp
    If anyone tries to touch you aim for the arms and from the waist down if you don't want to kill a man

  12. Society needs to change, I don’t want anyone to be harassed in anyway at all! I’ve heard of people, not only girls, who were sexually harassed for no reason! Society is so fucked up. ??‍♀️ when will things change? When will society have some respect?!

  13. when i was younger a friend of mine sexually assaulted me. i will never forgive her, but I know I will never get justice. i have to live with it now, and I can't open up and it hurts to just think about it.

  14. People shouldn't tell girls they have to be careful and wear "appropriate" chlotes. They should tell boys to stop being idiots and harass us. I'm so sick of hearing "protect and properly dress your daughter" instead of "educate and control your son".

  15. When I was 7 my male teacher but his whole ass hand down my back and I didn’t do anything abt it till I told my headteacher, who is female, and she told me that I handled the situation very well by “not being distracted by him and ignoring him.” She even gave me 100 points (Rewards or merits basically at the end of the week whoever gets the most wins a prize) And I’m so ashamed that I didn’t slap the pervert or shove a pencil down his fucking throat.

  16. That's my bad, That's my bad, no one taught them not to grab" Yea because it's the victim's fault that they wore clothes with confidence

  17. why did i have to grow up being scared of men? That shouldn't of been a childhood memory of mine. Not all men are bad but the men who get turned on by shoulders and knees….

  18. I'm a dude and I believe that woman should be treated with respect,, It's so stupid that girls have to get dress coded for wearing a tank top, who tf gets turned on by someone's collarbones
    Society isn't fair. Girls should wear what they feel like they're comfortable with.

  19. I’ve always had an embarrassingly large chest. In eighth grade I was a D. We went on a class trip to a water park and I wore the most conservative swimsuit I could find WITH shorts. Though my adult male teacher told me I was distracting the MEN. Grown ass men getting turned on by a 13 year old girl. Thing is? All of my friends were guys. None of them were gross or weird or nasty about it. It was the adults. I still think about it sometimes and I still feel insecure if I’m not in baggy covering clothes.

  20. I usually wear just simple high jeans and plan tshirts of long sleeves but the DAY I decided to dress out of my comforts zone so I can have confidence in my body as I always see the imperfections in me, I was wearing a crop top and just regular jeans, a boy touched my bra strap and pulled it down once i saw what he was doing I pushed him away and started to get a panic attack because I been sexually assaulted at a young age and I was traumatized the teacher relized and made one of my friends take me to the nurse, after I calmed down I went back to class and got scolded so I started to get angry and the boy smirking got me pissed and I started yelling back at my teacher saying "OH I'M SORRY I WAS SHOWING MY BRA STRAP AND SHOULDERS YEAH! I'M SORRY FOR HAVING A PANIC ATTACK BECAUSE I BEEN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED BEFORE! AS A WOMAN YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT FEELING!!" She yelled back at me and I backed away, she sent me to the office where I had to explain of course they would protect the teacher, they called my parents and my parents came they asked me what happened so I told them as any parents would they got angry at the school and wanted to sue them for causing trama to me, I ended up switching schools that week, now I just wear some jeans and baggy hoodie cuz I got traumatized again.

    That's my story about being touched and the teacher going to the boys side, thankful my school I go to now allow us to be comfortable but not to the point you can just show your breast, they always have make all the kids from 4-6 graders go to tell them about how women or even men shouldn't be touched uncomfortably and bully also LGBTQ+ rights. Love that school.

  21. ok so this doset really have to do with dress code but sometimes girls in my school will put there id on the loops for a belt and i did the same because it was kinda cute, fyi they need to check ids before you get in class, so my teacher (who i never liked cuz he was pervy but idk) said to me "take your id of your pants its distracting to the boys in the class" (i had shorts on btw) as i was lifting upmy id to show him, i felt so uncomfortable the whole day and the boys in the class i had with that teacher where like brothers to me there would never so much one of them gave me a hoodie to cover up.

    then i hated my body to this day??

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