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The Beatles – Penny Lane | You can find all the song chords here

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The Beatles - Penny Lane

The Beatles – Penny Lane

The Beatles – Penny Lane and information related to this topic.

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Two days after recording some overdubs for ‘A Day In The Life’, The Beatles spent the afternoon in East London at Angel Lane, Stratford, filming scenes for the video of ‘Penny Lane’ with Scandinavian director, Peter Goldmann.

Shortly after the East London shoot, Goldmann and The Beatles headed to Knole Park, the grounds of a stately home in Kent, to film scenes of the band horse-riding in the countryside. Around this time, Goldmann and his crew (but minus The Beatles) travelled to Liverpool to shoot the sequences near to Penny Lane.

A few days before filming started for ‘Penny Lane’, Goldmann shot a promo for ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. Both shoots presented a challenge for everyone involved owing to the Musicians’ Union ban on any action that could be construed as miming. Despite these limitations, both the films Goldmann made were so innovative that neither would have looked out of place on MTV a decade and a half later.

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The Beatles – Penny Lane.

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  1. The Beatles the greatest band on the 3 thousand milky ways that I know do exist piriod .
    And just a very peculiar fact i must said , George Harrison to me the most underrated beatle , he was unique in every way …… You can tell why by just watching this video.

  2. The wonderful sound of the Beatles this song sounds good then as it does now. too many songs of today have lost the ethic of originality the best time for music is the 60's and the first half of the 70's

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